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Producing and publishing original music since 1965, Meg Davis performed traditional folk music with artists ranging from Ewan McColl to Bill Monroe to Joannie Madden (Cherish the Ladies), played venues near and far from the Kennedy Center in DC to the old Troubadour in London and is still loved the world over for her ringingly clear vocals and sumptuous guitar work. Unless you made it to one of Meg's concerts in the US, Canada or the UK or saw her in concert as a member of the Joe Burke Trio it was almost impossible to buy her albums. You can now find Meg's music on all US and International music purchase sites such as iTunes, Rhapsody etc. Meg was side lined by MS in 1993 and benefits greatly from royalties and online sales. Our favorite site for buying and downloading Meg's albums is CD Baby because they pay the highest royalties and sales back to all the musicians they represent. Please consider buying Meg's music from If you've only heard rumors of her original ballads and clear voice then check out the MP3 samples and read what others have to say in the Music Reviews. Thank you so much for visiting and please visit Meg's blog to chat and interact with her. .

EVERYDAY HEALTH NOTE FROM MEG : Multiple Sclerosis causes the most trouble for me (but a lot of people have a lot worse cases than I have so do what you can for them). You can also chat with me about Fibromyalgia, arthritis of the spine and chronic pain on nerves that make me feel like an Arctic Lemming ready to hurl myself headlong off a glacier. Needless to say, I don't feel all that spiffy some of the time so it may take me awhile to answer your emails. I know you all understand and I can't thank you enough for helping to keep my music voice is just fine and, with the help of some great MS doctors, we are all working to get me back in front of a microphone, writing new stories and recording new music so please keep in touch !

For your listening pleasure here are song samples from Meg's various albums

The Burning West Indies (531KB)
The Broome O' The Cowdenknowes (708KB)

The Music of Wonderland
I'm Late, I'm Late (880KB)
Tea Time (788KB)
Just Desserts (669KB)

Captain Jack and the Mermaid - 20th Anniversary Edition
Captain Jack and the Mermaid (728KB)
A Monster's Lullabye (931KB)
Yevgenia and the Snow Dragon (873KB)

Here are some short sound samples from "Live at Dennos"

'P' Stands for Paddy, I Suppose (912KB)
The King of Rome (765KB)

Captain Jack and the Mermaid
Fields of Fire (French and Latin verses)
Lady Amber
Little Black Kiss
The Nightmare
Suit of Grey Wind
Swing The Cat
Yevgenia and the Snow Dragon

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