Album Contents

1. The Burning West Indies (4:04)

2. The Castle Of Dramore (3:53)

3. She Moved Through The Fair (3:34)

4. The Broom Of The Cowdenknowes (4:38)

5. The Claddagh Walk (Meg Davis) Leelanau Heritage Arts, BMI (4:13)

6. The Lake of The Ponchartrain (5:45)

7. If I Was A Blackbird (4:08)

8. P Stands For Paddy (3:41)

9. Eileen Aroon (4:01)

10. My Lagan Love (4:17)

11. The Loch Tay Boat Song (4:31)

12. The Queen Of The May (Alan Davies)(5:11)

13. The Last Leviathan (Andy Bames)(5:45)

14. But For Ireland, Id Not Tell Her Name (4:55)

Re-Recorded, Engineered and Mastered by David Greenspan

Interlochen Center for the Arts

Interlochen, Michigan

Meg Davis: All Vocals and Guitars

All titles Traditional except where noted.

This collection of Songs were Researched, Arranged and Produced by Meg Davis



Additional Instrumental Tracks performed by: John Martin, Donald Shaw and Jim Sutherland. These musician's tracks originally recorded at Palladium Studios in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Use Permission Granted By Lismor Records

2000 Leelanau Heritage Arts Pub. Co.


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