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Song Lyric Library
All Songs Written By © Meg Davis 1964/ All Publishing Property of Leelanau Heritage Arts Publishing Co. / BMI / Harry Fox Agency

Greetings. I have decided to list all my original songs in alphabetical order and I hope this works for you. If there is a song you'd like the lyrics for which I have not posted yet (and it's going to take me awhile, Folks) please drop me a line using the form at end of this page. I'd love to hear from you ! The "Pass IT ON" button below will let you tell others about this page easily and privately.
Meg Davis Origianl Lyrics (C)Meg Davis(P)Leelanau heritage Arts Publishing 1964-2002 BMI/Harry Fox Agency :

TITLE SONG - "Captain Jack and The Mermaid"

TITLE SONG - "Suit of Grey Wind"

TITLE SONG - "Swing The Cat "

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