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Music Reviews
 " Sung and arranged like some of the very best moments of early Judy Collins
or Pearls Before Swine's lazy day surrealism, Meg Davis's albums are filled with wonderful tales breathed out upon the air with a voice like the chiming of bells."

LISTEN.COM REVIEW : Davis writes and sings stunningly beautiful songs complete with three-part harmonies that sound like the songs of sirens from Greek Mythology. Although her folk is more Medeival than Country, her harmonies are as rich and intricate as those of Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, and Linda Ronstadt.
(Reviewed by Eric.S.)

Having taught herself singing and acoustic guitar Meg began writing music at the age of 13. Her first song," I'm Late, I'm Late" began her career as a delightfully complex composer and performer and Meg's music is loved around the globe because she often uses the images and characters of forgotten worlds to express the very real and enduring emotions of today.
Meg Davis has always had two sides to her career with one foot solidly in folk song writing and the other in the researching and performing of traditional Scottish, Irish and American folk songs. You can hear all of these influences in her original works which bring her into the contemporary genre of World Music.

 "Meg's singing is, quite predictably, exquisite. Her pure gold voice is
impeccable ; her performances simply reduces the knees to a mass of
quivering jelly."

CD Review: The Music of Wonderland - earBuzz Review: How could a CD based on "Alice in Wonderland", named "The Music of Wonderland", and sung/performed/authored by Meg Davis NOT be magical - well - that's just it - it is Magical - and another testament to the enormous talent owned by this minstrel Celtic fun folk female artist from the midwest.

CD Review: Meg Davis 'Live' at Dennos -
earBuzz Review: A voice from heaven, smooth, intimate, and entirely Celtic - with a gifted hand at the guitar and a penchant for acapella beauties - here is Meg Davis' live recording, "Live at Dennos". And no one would detect it live except for the audience's enthusiasm and the occasional cough during quite passages from the seats. Davis moves like a dove through the tunes, pausing only occasionally - with humorous ditties like, "The Pig Song", about a drunk in the gutter with a pig - the pig, disgusted with the drunk, moves on; and "Four Nights Drunk", a hallucinatory reflection by an intoxicated man. The Highlights of the CD are some of the finest Celtic folk music we've ever heard. The record opens with "But For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name", mp3'd here - it's both a happy and reflectively somber tune that immediately introduces the listener to Davis' soothing voice. Track 4, "If I Had My Life to Live Over", is Davis' first composition on the CD (the first tracks are traditional dating back to 1787), and it is a happily moving tune about living as a fisherman looking for Marlin among other things, mp3'd here. Track 12 is a familiar one, but only for the title - "Greensleeves" is a moving experience as Davis opens with the melody on sumptuous guitar before lending her dynamic voice to the melancholy melodic lyrics, gorgeous and fresh. .and mp3'd here as well. The final track, "Farewell to Tarwathie", is a fitting end to this 19 track CD as Meg sings acapella this 'goodbye' song about a sailor leaving to seek riches through whaling (not PC, but..what was in 1850). Beautiful record.
Meg Davis' music is played worldwide and her fans jealously guard any copies they have of Meg's 7 albums. Awards include the 'North American Songwriters Award' 1978 ,awarded to Meg by Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary ,
her original songs have been recorded by such notables as Tommy Flemming and De Dannan, she has performed with Joannie Madden, Joe Burke, Alan Stivell, Jerry O'Sullivan, The Glasgow Pheonix Choir (Scotland), (the Late) Bill Monroe, Doc Watson, Seamus Connelly and many more wonderful musicians in the US and Britain,and she's inspired international audiences with her accapella singing and fine guitar work.
You can't compare Meg Davis to anyone else.......she is quite unique.
Since 1979 she has written and produced a total of 7
albums to date both in the U.S. and Scotland. Although retired from
performing she intends to remaster all of her previous works and release
them on CD over the next few years. She will also be publishing
illustrated books of her songs and stories as well as creating new music in
the future.