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Meg's Cool Cat Blog
Saturday, 21 January 2006
What Am I Reading These Days ?
P. Friar ( has replied to your 'What Am I Reading These Days ?' post on Meg's Cool Cat Blog.

Their Comment :
I have been thinking about you recently and was just telling a friend (in Vancouver, BC) about your music and decided to visit your web site, which I haven't been to in quite a while. When I stumbled upon your blog, I thought I would say hello.

Hello! :)

FYI, we don't know each other, but I had a brief email exchange with you a couple of years back (Sep/Oct 2002) when I found out that you had CDs for sale with some songs on it that I'd been looking for for decades (that I'd listened to at friends' houses, but despaired of ever finding copies of for myself). I was in Canada at the time; but I've since moved to North Carolina (Oct. 2003) for work. We still listen to, and very much enjoy the CD.

The book by Jim Al-Khalili looks interesting (and now that I look on Amazon, his other books look interesting too), I'm always looking for good books on the topic :). Thanks for the tip.

P.S. Spongebob rocks!

Posted by Meg at 12:33 AM CST

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